About Us

Launched in 2011, by two young driven sisters Agha Hira & Agha Noor, aged 22 and 18 at the time, the brand Agha Noor has come a long way in such a short span of time. Starting off with only 6 employees, Agha Noor now has multiple factories and outlets nationally and internationally.

We wanted to break the barriers of the Pakistani fashion industry by making fashion affordable for everyone while maintaining the best quality ''. Proven time and again since then that their philosophy and their belief in their concepts are widely acceptable and eagerly awaited. Agha Noor is a now a phenomenon, with one of the most innovative ways of brand conceptualisation and management.

Agha Noor was a fruition of an incredible vision to make a difference in the fashion scene, they both collected money to start the company Agha Noor, their first ever boutique was a small cosy outlet in zamzama commercial, consistently packed with crowds.

Their first collection was solely designed for working women, with the growing demand, Agha Noor expanded into more lines eventually.

Agha Noor puts in a lot of effort in making their designs different in every season and that’s why they stand out. The only Pakistani Brand to introduce new designs every week. The innovative colour combinations, motifs and embroidery styles are an instant hit with women of all genres, the affordable pricing, the high demand of their product results in them being almost always sold out.

Agha Noor has come a long way in making their name a very important part of this ever so fluctuating industry.